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Small removals Glasgow

Small removals Glasgow – Low cost solution

Are you moving house or moving flat or even moving business? We provide a removal solution for your Small removals in Glasgow. Our large van’s are only £100 filled, therefore you can easily move the contents of a small flat for £100. Van Cabby provide the van, space, driver and get you from A to B. All you need to do it load your gear into the van and take it back out at the other end. We provide our vans for a lot of small removals in Glasgow. It’s not always required that you book an actual removal company, these guys are generally better for larger removals, but with small removals in Glasgow it would be wise to contact Van Cabby to move your items.

small removals Glasgow

Small removals Glasgow – Loads of Space

We use large long wheel base panel vans, therefore giving you plenty of room to get all your items inside. You load it, we drive it, it’s that simple. As a result you only pay £100 for a full van load with Van Cabby. Besides, it’s so much easier than hiring a hire van in Glasgow. As you well know, an actual hire van isn’t an easy task. Obviously you need to get yourself to the van hire centre, and also have all your proofs of ID available and also are liable for large insurance excesses in the event of an accident. Driving an unknown hire van can be daunting and the size of it can be awkward to get used to. So if its a small removals in Glasgow, then it’s probably going to be a much better option to book Van Cabby.

small removals Glasgow

Small removals Glasgow – Get us booked

It’s simple to book us for all your Small removals in Glasgow. Pick up the phone and call or text 07592486380 or email the office on office@vancabby.co.uk or find us on facebook. We’re here to help you. Give Van Cabby a shout for your next move.